7 Best Cashback Credit Cards in India with Reviews

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Best Cashback Credit Cards – Cashback is always catchy and indeed nice to have whenever possible compared to reward points. That’s because it provides money back directly as cash instead of reward points, which we need to monitor and redeem with caution. Basically, it reduces the net expense right away which makes things simple and easier.

Let’s dive into the list of best cashback credit cards in India which gives Money-back directly on spend (or) by converting the points to cash credit on the statement without too much of terms and conditions.

List of 7 Best Credit Cards in India with Cashback Feature:

#1 SBI Elite Card

SBI’s one of the premium credit cards is SBI Elite Card which gives spend-based milestone reward points which can then be converted into cash credit against the statement.

#2 HDFC Business Moneyback Card

HDFC Moneyback card was one of the excellent cashback cards for a few yrs after which they recently Devalued, however, the Business variant of the card still holds 3X reward points on online spends which can then be converted into cash credit on the statement in a matter of clicks.

  • CashBack Rate: Upto 1.2%
  • Note: It is issued for Self Employed/Business individual
  • Full Review: HDFC Business Moneyback Card Review

#3 Indusind Pinnacle Credit Card

Indusind credit cards are well rewarding compared to other cards but it comes at a cost. Joining fees with Indusind is always high for some reason. This card is for you if you spend a lot online. If you’re able to get this card at an affordable joining fee, it gives great rewards as below.

  • CashBack Rate: Upto 2.5%
  • Online spends: 2.5% Cashback
  • All other spends: 1% Cashback

#4 Indusind Iconia Credit Card

Yet another card from Indusind which is worth holding as it gives reward points even on fuel spends. One of the rare cards of this type. The joining fee is lower than the Pinnacle card. Choose the Amex version of it as it has a better reward structure.

  • CashBack Rate: Upto 2%
  • Full Review: Indusind Iconia Credit Card Review

#5 Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card Review

I would call it a family man card. You can get better rewards on departmental stores and also better reward points on Dining and Hotel reservations.

  • CashBack Rate: 5%
  • Full Review: Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card Review

#6  Citibank Cashback Credit Card:

You get 5% cashback on movie & telephone Bill payments and 0.5% cashback on all other spendings. Simple as that.

  • CashBack Rate: Upto 5%
  • Full Review: Citibank Cashback Credit Card Review

#7 American Express Gold Charge Card:

One of the prestigious cards that come at an affordable joining fee is not actually a cashback card, but if you’re able to stack up to 18k or 24k points, you can convert them into cash credit against your card bill. You need to be calculative and keep track of a few terms and conditions to reap the maximum value. Do you know? It’s not a Credit card, it’s a Charge card.

  • CashBack Rate: 2.2%
  • Full Review: American Express Gold Charge Card Review

So that should give a broad idea about the cash back credit cards presently available in India. While there may be few more cards with cashback features, I prefer the above list as they’re most popular, best rewarding and easy to use.

What’s your favorite Cashback card? Let me know in comments below 🙂

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